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Abundant Life Bowenwork~ A Place of Hope and Healing


Are you tired of chronic pain?  

Is it getting in the way of your ability to enjoy life to the fullest?

Do you have acute pain from which you want to heal quickly? 

Then BowenWork is for you!


  My goal for this site is to assist you in your research of Bowenwork, and help you understand how this work can be profoundly effective and life changing. 

  I`d like to invite you to experience how your body can feel better than it has in years... Your body has the ability to heal and create balance that gives you more energy and health in your life!

 ...We are truly“fearfully and wonderfully made”


“Much like a pebbles send out ripples through water,  Bowen moves send out signals through the nervous system, initiating the bodys` own healing mechanisms and restoring calm and balance.”    


If you find this web site interesting, informative and helpful, please pass it along to a friend that may be suffering from pain or discomfort.

They will thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness!

                                                                                                    ...Thank you!




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